I have always dreamed of owning my own business and after 30 years in the medical field, I decided to go for it! I recruited my daughter to join me (hang in there moms, those teen years do pass) and we were off on an amazing journey.

Kassidy was also the inspiration for the name. When she went to college, she called every day needing help with something (sometimes hilarious things)! My husband would tease her by saying, "You sure are a lot of trouble" which quickly got shortened to her nickname "Trouble". It was the perfect choice for our boutique that celebrates the fact that all girls may be a little "trouble" but are definitely worth it. Whether you are flirty, casual, bold, or a little high-maintenance, we hope we can help you feel fabulous!

We want every interaction with us, whether online or in person, to add positivity to your day. Our mission is to provide trendy clothes, big smiles, and a shopping experience that brings you back time and again.

Enjoy your shopping!